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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Here are some of our most frequently asked questions

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We at The Brick Tile Company want to have your project completed in the best way, as efficiently as possible, with the best quality product and service, with no regrets.


We always recommend you order a sample of the tiles that you love the most, this is to make sure you get a proper reflection of the colour and texture, as real clay bricks have unique properties that can only be appreciated fully in person.

If you’ve ordered a sample already –

Which Brick Tiles Do You Need?

You can browse our reclaimed brick tiles, traditional collection, or the contemporary range. If you want to match existing brickwork you can upload photos through our My Project function. If you just want to browse all, click here.

Where Are Your Brick Tiles Going?

Brick Tiles are suitable for most rooms, most spaces internal and external. They can be applied to different surfaces, with only a few different considerations. Read in more detail about where to install brick tiles.

Who is Going to Install Your Brick Tiles?

You have two options – install them yourself, or use a professional. We have our list of installers nationwide to choose from if you feel you need help.

If you’re considering installing them yourself- it’s easier than you might think, check out our installation video and step by step guide.

What Bond Pattern Do You Want?

Having a different pattern in the brickwork can make it look completely different, choosing this means you will be able to calculate how many you want. See what different bond patterns you could use.

How Many Tiles Do I Need?

Use our Brick Tile Calculator to work out how many you need to order, we always recommend ordering slightly more than would cover the wall, due to cuts for the edges and also to account for a couple of breakages (this is included in our calculator).

What Mortar Do You Want?

The mortar makes up 33% of the wall’s look- it isn’t the centrepiece, but can really accentuate the look you’re going for. So check out our guide to mortar to see what you think will work best, and how to change it.

What Additional Products Do You Need?

We have put together an exhaustive list of everything you might need to install brick tiles, along with the guide quantities. We offer some of the brick tile specific products and you can get the rest from your local DIY store.

When Do You Need Them For?

Our Brick Tiles are Manufactured on a blend by blend basis. If you need yours urgently, we recommend selecting one of our express delivery stocked items, otherwise it can take 20 working days for production of each blend.

If you need a non-express blend urgently- get in touch and we can see what productions timescales are possible at that time, as it could be much sooner. Check out our delivery guide for more information about how and when the tiles arrive.

Should I Do Anything When They Arrive?

Your tiles may look slightly different when they arrive, but don't worry - that's normal, check our arrival advice for more information.

What About After They’re Installed?

Once your Brick Tiles are installed, there are a couple of things you can do to keep them in perfect condition, and a few considerations when fixing things to the wall in our aftercare guide.

Anything Else?

We love it when our customers share their completed projects with us, you can email with your photos, or tag us in your social media posts - @thebricktileco.

If you have any questions at all that we haven’t answered here, please ask us by filling out the form below, or contacting us on live chat.

Alternatively you can email or call 03338 804 807.

We want to make sure everyone is as comfortable as possible to make their homes stand out.

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