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How to Install Brick Tiles
You can have a professional install your brick tiles, or you can do it yourself. Here's our step by step guide, including a video showing how to install your tiles. It's easier than you might think.
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Brick Tile Aftercare
One of the many benefits of brickwork is the hardwearing nature. It doesn’t take much looking after at all, but there are a couple of hints and tips that we want to share to make sure you get the best out of your new wall.
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All the Items You Need to Install Brick Tiles
We've compiled a list of absolutely all of the items that you'll need to get your brick tiles installed properly. This is from the specific brick tile equipment that we supply, to a pencil for marking cutting lines on the tiles.
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Mortar Guide

Mortar makes up around 33% of the visual appearance of brickwork, so it's a major part of the look. There are many ways to customise mortar to achieve thousands of different looks. With Brick Tiles, mortar doesn't serve the same functional purpose as with traditional bricks, which means you can get even more creative with how you use it.

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Where Can I Install Brick Tiles?

We often get asked if our tiles can be installed in certain areas, or onto a specific surface. Brick is tried and tested over centuries exposed to the elements, so almost all places are suitable for your brick tiles, and if you use the right installation tools, most surfaces are fine. There are only a few specific areas where you need to make installation adjustments to get the best result.

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