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About Us

We LOVE the warmth clay bricks bring into our homes

Clay bricks are some of the most ancient building materials known. Shaped into an easy to handle size, and baked until solid in a kiln, they have been in use since 4000BC. The warmth and colour they bring to your home is unrivalled by any other wall covering, and it is not surprising that bare brick internal walls remain popular.

When you haven’t got a brick wall to expose, or if it shows signs of age and damage (which isn't always a bad thing), or simply doesn’t offer the effect you are looking for, brick tiles provide a quick and easy solution. No more difficult to install than ceramic or porcelain tiles, they transform a room with their unique beauty.

Experience matters

Our company has been helping people buy bricks and brick tiles for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on our customer service and aim to treat you like a valued friend. We have contacts throughout the industry ensuring that we supply only the highest quality brick tiles for your project. All our installers are fully industry accredited, and we require evidence of the standard of work they produce before we will recommend them.

Your life, your home

Bricks come in many different styles, reflecting differences in age, manufacturing technique, and local clay compositions. Whether you want to match your brick tiles to the exterior of your home or want to create a specific effect with a modern twist, we can supply you with the tiles you need. Take a look at our portfolio where you can see examples of brick tiles being used in modern, rustic, city and rural settings and perhaps gain some inspiration for your own project.

Not only do we have a wide range of handmade, reclaimed, vintage and modern brick tiles but we can also supply corners, headers and reveals to ensure that no space is left uncovered.


Brick tiles are easy to install, they are within the remit of a keen DIYer, and we are more than happy to discuss different types of adhesive and pointing technique if you choose.

We expect our brick tiles to last a lifetime and would highly recommend instructing a professional to ensure your wall looks as good in ten or twenty years’ time as it does when new.

We have our own directory of certified installers who we are confident will install your brick tiles to the standard we would expect. Highly trained, and with verifiable references, we are confident that our skilled tradesmen will transform your interior. From simple blank walls to more complicated areas, including corners or sloping ceilings, having an experienced craftsman install your brick tiles will certainly make a huge difference to the beauty of the finish.